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Monday Morning Prophetic Word... Unexpectedly

I honestly woke up to... tinkle. (You know me. TMI. I can't help myself.)

And once I couldn't fall back asleep just yet over the racket of my mind - the Lord made sure "unexpectedly" played in my head like one of those really pretty singing bowls. Lovely... but persistent. Unending but healing. One of those. It was one of those moments... God was certain. He needed me to be.

This won't be as eloquent as you are used to...

But I want you to know, you may be knocking on some wrong doors if it never comes full circle. Stop being frustrated that those doors are not swinging wide...

God isn't saying "no"... He is saying "not yet" and "not this one."

The doors no man can shut that the Bible speaks upon will come unexpectedly...

But also make ALL the sense in the world. Even if it is mysterious.

Today, I pray that you stop looking in the wrong places and focus your energy on what GOD told you to do. The door will come with obedience. Be patient. It will save you a lot of frustration and wrong turns. A lot of wasted time and a lot of heartache.

It might take work... but an open door will always have a well-oiled hinge.

With love,


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