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You Are Going to Be Ok.

As long as I have been in ministry, my best friend had this super power that no one else had. She didn’t see me as a some sort of guru. She didn’t treat me like me I didn’t have my own problems to solve. She treated me like the little girl she met as a kid.

What made that special was she knew when to simply look at me and say, “Brookie… It’s gonna be ok.” Sometimes I’d be in the middle of my office writing a sermon. Or planning a budget. I didn’t even know when I needed it until she said it .

Today, I just wanted to be for you what she was to me if you needed it.

“It’s going to be ok.”

It is.

Here’s to a new week, kiddo.

All my love,

Pastor Brooke

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Missing my BFF too.. Thanks


Needed that today!


Thank you so much Pastor Brooke‼️ I definitely needed to hear this ❤️🙏


Thank you. I needed that.🥹


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